Benchill Primary School


Manchester, UK



Project Type:

Design, Supply and Install

Benchill Primary School is a maintained school in the Manchester City Council region. Following a competitive, best value tender, CorEnergy was appointed to design, supply and install LED lighting with integrated controls. The control methodology incorporated digital (DALI) dimming based on occupancy, absence and daylight linking using high quality and long warranty, British manufactured fittings and controls.

Case Studies


Benchill had an overly complex existing lighting scheme comprising dimmable T5 fluorescent luminaires with integrated, linked sensors and emergency backup. The system was becoming obsolete and expensive to maintain. The challenge was to replace the system with a simple to operate LED solution, which maintained and enhanced the existing level of control functionality whilst delivering financial returns. A difficult challenge considering the existing lighting already dimmed, detected occupancy and daylight. 


Following photometric designs and assessing numerous products from UK manufacturers, CorEnergy proposed an LED solution which included integrated sensors, daylight and occupancy (absence / presence) linked for maximum energy savings and installed dimmable switches in all education areas to maximise flexibility. 

With careful design and product selection, the overall project increased functionality, achieved compliance with the required standards and was installed out of hours to ensure no disruption to education activities. Most importantly, it achieved a 77% reduction in electricity consumption, a proud achievement. 

77% Electricity Reduction

Funding secured from Salix Finance

Equivalent to planting 459 trees

8 equivalent homes powered

  • Lighting

  • Lighting Controls

  • Electrical Contracting

  • Consultancy

  • Design and Build


“CorEnergy helped the school to secure vital funding needed in order to carry out an overhaul of the lighting infrastructure, which was inadequate and in constant need of repair. The project was delivered efficiently from start to finish and has resulted in energy savings and an improved working environment to support the school’s drive to enhance pupil attainment.”

Patrick Hobbs, School Business ManagerBenchill Primary School

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