As net zero carbon specialists, we design and build sustainability projects for Local Authorities across the UK.

Combining a passion for the environment with a commercial and financial rigour required to provide investment grade project appraisal, we work with government authorities to identify and progress suitable projects.

Acting initially as an expert consultancy, once the project has been assessed, designs completed and funding secured, CorEnergy takes the CDM role as principal Contractor and / or Principal Designer, or Main Contractor / EPC to deliver multi-million valued projects.

Solutions provided include:
• Solar PV – Roof and Ground Mounted
• Solar Car Park Canopy – Design and Build
• Renewable Heating – ASHP’s and GSHP’s
• LED Lighting and Controls (mains, emergency and compliance)
• Engineering, Environmental and Sustainability Consultancy
• Air Pollution Monitoring
• Electric Vehicle Charging Points
• Electrical Infrastructure Works
• Project Funding and Investment Structures

Approved on Frameworks and Dynamic Purchasing Systems (DPS’s) to expediate procurement, please refer to our recent case studies for examples of the types of low carbon projects we could identify and progress with you.

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We can help you appraise solutions or identify suitable projects, undertake feasibility assessments and understand the investment case to help your organisation reduce its carbon impact. Please contact the team to discuss your requirements.

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