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We are renewable energy experts. The team has successfully developed over 110MW’s of commercial scale renewable energy projects. Appointed directly by Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Universities and large Private Sector clients, CorEnergy delivers roof and ground mounted solar PV projects which can be combined with Solar Car Ports and large battery storage.


Our experienced team efficiently manages projects throughout their lifecycle, from supporting clients initially identify potential opportunities for Solar PV across their building estate to delivering turnkey onsite construction activities as the EPC or Principal Contractor. 

With a focus on selecting Tier 1 modules and a preference for SolarEdge inverters and optimisers, the team will identify and demonstrate using industry software the most appropriate location(s) for solar PV, the required installation methods based on the roof type, locations for connection points and perform all required engineering and electrical designs. After assessing the sites energy profile to determine the suitable system size and self-consumption, we will manage all liaison with the DNO to determine connection suitability and any export limitations and meter requirements.  The team is experienced at delivering challenging solutions, including generator interlocks and sites with multiple methods of onsite generation, including CHP. 

We will guide you through every aspect of your project, presenting investment grade proposals and offering flexible funding structures and options in addition to capital investment and grant funding. 

CorEnergy specialises in delivering solar PV projects in complex environments, including mental health NHS Trusts and the secure estate, PFI buildings, city centre locations and sites above 7 storeys, safely managing every aspect of construction from scaffolding, crane and elevated working to cable calculations, installation and lifetime monitoring.

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We can help you appraise solutions or identify suitable projects, undertake feasibility assessments and understand the investment case to help your organisation reduce its carbon impact. Please contact the team to discuss your requirements.

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