Designing and installing projects in 24/7 operating environments requires precision, flexibility and experience. From assessing projects to determine potential feasibility and financial returns, to operating safely in high-risk locations, the team understand the challenges of delivering projects in demanding environments. 

We have significant experience of working with some of the worlds leading distribution companies, helping them identify financially attractive, sustainability and low carbon projects, determine the most appropriate funding or cost structure, and safely delivering the works, including aftercare and performance monitoring to ensure the initial criteria has been satisfied.

If you are seeking ways to improve efficiency, reduce cost and achieve ambitious sustainability targets, please talk to the experienced team about how we can support you in identifying and progressing projects to a successful conclusion.  

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We can help you appraise solutions or identify suitable projects, undertake feasibility assessments and understand the investment case to help your organisation reduce its carbon impact. Please contact the team to discuss your requirements.

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