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Design, Supply and Install

In 2016, CorEnergy was appointed to design and install an energy efficient lighting solution for the client. This project was successfully implemented, and the energy savings promised were monitored over the following 12 months. The project achieved its energy reduction targets and RoI, in 2017 CorEnergy was appointed to a follow-on project, designing and supplying a new build, 200,000sf logistics site.

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Project Background

As a leading UK Pet Food Company, GA was looking to improve energy efficiency and further enhance environmental benefits from its sites. CorEnergy was appointed to design a lighting replacement for a 180,000sf logistics warehouse, the brief was to incorporate integrated smart controls which detect absence, occupancy and daylight dimming, whilst improving lighting levels within high, narrow warehouse racking. 

Following a trial of the proposed solution including energy monitoring before and afterwards, a UK made luminaire solution was installed with CorEnergy appointed as Principal Designer and Main Contractor. Over a 12-month period the project energy performance was monitored against a defined baseline to ensure the targeted savings were achieved. The project delivered an 87% electricity reduction whilst increasing lighting levels. With a project net savings of £1.2m from an initial £185,000 capital investment, between 2016 and 2021 zero luminaire failures were reported. 

Following the success at the initial site, CorEnergy was appointed to design and supply lighting for a new build, 200,000sf logistics site in 2017. 

£300k +

87% electricity reduction

  • Lighting

  • Lighting Controls

  • Electrical Contracting

  • Consultancy

  • Design and Build


“We felt that the Site’s lighting was already reasonably efficient but with it being nearly 5 years old we were left with a decision to either replace the existing T5 tubes or to invest in an upgrade to LED. We worked with CorEnergy, a Manchester based lighting company which firstly provided a technical audit of the Site before designing and delivering a completely new lighting scheme for us. As a consequence, the running cost of the Site’s lighting has reduced by 86% to £14,500 from £108,000 annually. This will result in a lifetime saving in excess of £1.2 million from an initial investment of £185,000 whilst saving over 6.2 million kg of CO2.”

Jim Whittingham, Operations Director, GA Pet Food Partners

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